Welcome to the Breakroom TV Network that provides content that is both entertaining and engaging to the employee.  We are an ideal partner for human resources departments and office managers nationwide.
Our History:  The Out-of-Home Networks Team and its advisory group understand the formats they do business in. They come from the same industries that they cater to (as suppliers, business owners, retail store developers and more).


We create specific programming ideal for the office, factory, laboratory and business environments. We do not air programs that will distract the employees but engage them with the best in entertainment, education, sports and travel content.

A Key Feature of the Break Room: The Micro Market / Vending Area

The Break Room TV Team works with vending operators and micro market developers nationwide in helping create an ideal overall break room experience.


What is a Micro Market?

Micro Markets convert your company’s break room into an unmanned convenience store. With the vast product choices available a c-store offers (beverages, snacks, meal solutions, salads, sandwiches and much more) micro markets (operated by your local vending distributor partner) are becoming a core part of a break room in business locations nationwide.

The Vending Area

A number of break rooms may also have a vending area (beverages, snacks, meal options, healthy options)

Micro Market and / or Vending Specials

The Break Room TV Team will be offering options on creating on-spot company micro market and / or vending promotions ideal for the employees.


Sources of Energy

We are proud to present content and TV show subjects that are specific to the subjects of employee wellness and natural sources of energy (exercise, health snacks, stretching, etc).

A Healthy Option Message

With our wellness programming (Break Room TV) we are helping create ‘micro market’ healthy option campaigns that highlight natural and organic categories in the retail environment.


Our Featured Break Room Beverage (Ideal for the Employee)…


All-Natural Zenify is infused with the same stress-relieving antioxidants found in 25 cups of green tea, with no caffeine. When we set out to create Zenify, we wanted somehing you could drink throughout the day, without any side effects. A drink that would reduce stress, but also keep you sharp, focused, creative and productive.

100% Natural Stress Relief – Zenify

Stress-Reducing Antioxidants Increases Serotonin and Dopamine zenify-small

Our Programming

  • Morning TV
  • Inspirational
  • Employee Training
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Wellness Programs
  • Sports
  • Life Styles
  • Financial
  • Documentary
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Company Specific

Ideal For…

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Laboratories
  • Schools / Universities
  • Government Buildings
  • Shared Office Spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Retailers
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels/Casinos
  • Convention Centers
  • Remote Sites

On The Job Coverage:  ‘Your Job Rocks’ will be creating special coverage on special people on those jobs they do very well everyday. An ideal way to honor an employee of the month or year, “Your Job Rocks” segments can be created as part of our catered programming.

The Break Room (Lunch Room, Employee’s Lounge) is the center point of activity for most offices, factories and other places with a large number of employees.

The Break Room TV Network is a perfect complement to the human resources / office manager for their communication needs for their employees.